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Screenshot Saturday - Terrain Generation, Water

Posted by studentTeacher, 19 April 2014 · 384 views

screenshot saturday terrain generation water transparency voxel game
Hey guys!!

Recently, I've been taking a change of course with my terrain generation. With my past terrain, it was increasingly difficult to build out models because the terrain lacked flat areas. What I decided on doing is restricting the terrain the certain height levels (right now, all step sizes are the same), and an edge detector to erode and shave the edges where the terrain drops or rises.

Here's a shot of the new terrain:
Attached Image

This helped a TON when it came to modeling on the terrain now!

Working with the terrain, I've been working on adding transparency so I can add water. Here's the result:
Attached Image

So far, there's no bugs, but there's also no water physics. That's something I'll have to add later.....
As for right now, I'm looking into river generation for this type of terrain generation. I'm also looking into varying terrain step sizes and adding variation and landscaping. I'm also looking into grammars for architecture generation. I hope to have a much more thorough post this next time around -- explaining my terrain generation pipeline!


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