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DareDeveloper's Journal

Game Jam Focus

Posted by DareDeveloper, in Project Ideas 26 March 2014 · 617 views
game jam, web, procedural content and 1 more...
The last Journal Entry inspired a reply ... which inspired an Advert:

My next steps will probably be in the web development / quick prototyping domain, no matter how we decide to follow up on the Game Jam Team effort idea. Some sandbox projects, feasibility studies and probably som...

Struggling ... what are the next steps

Posted by DareDeveloper, in Project Ideas 24 March 2014 · 1,265 views
crossroad, decisions, language and 4 more...
Hi all,

for some reason my brain does not work the way I want it to work right now.
Guess work plays a role, it feels like a thought deadlock :-/ ... so here is a braindump for personal clarity.
I don't even know if I have posted something similar recently.

Probably the conflicting goals are one problem:
I want to finish something asap ... 100% and poli...

GWT Troubles

Posted by DareDeveloper, in Questions And Problems 19 March 2014 · 610 views
project, gwt, ivy, gin, guice and 1 more...
I really wanted a very plain GWT website online asap, but I guess it is not that easy because of the path I have chosen.
I can run the web application in DEV-Mode, but I can not use the GWT compiler to create a deployable client version.

It complains because it can not find a file from the GIN-Module ... so it seems as if the way Ivy currently handles th...

Starting a new project ... series

Posted by DareDeveloper, in Project Ideas 18 March 2014 · 647 views
programming, project, procedural and 5 more...
I will try to squeeze some time into a project where I can bring several ideas together and just toy with them.
I registered the domain: http://www.procgames.com and I am working on a GWT based website.

The plan is writing a tutorial series while creating a framework for procedural content generation (and games that use it).
Maybe I will also write some...

Nobody Into Collaboration?

Posted by DareDeveloper, in Thoughts And Convictions 08 July 2013 · 589 views
collaboration, P2P, Standards
In a way some opinions in this thread (Reality TV Drama About Game Development?) inspired this blog post, even though I have been thinking about the topic for a while. What part of following a huge team working on a huge project can possibly be "boring "?
I know I am kinda guilty of that myself ... but it pains me more and more to see how much people are...

My two favorite ideas

Posted by DareDeveloper, in Project Ideas 07 July 2013 · 530 views
tutorials, sports game, portal and 3 more...
Hi again,

I think I will replace the current content of the site ConceptWorld.org with a more simple site and take a lean startup approach to see if it can go viral without much effort.
The idea is that I can concentrate on developing the platform while a developing community creates the appeal of the world ... not doing my work for me, but working on t...

Some project ideas #001

Posted by DareDeveloper, in Project Ideas 06 July 2013 · 604 views
ideas, tutorials, web development and 2 more...
Guess the title is supposed to be kind of funny ... I have way too many ideas and am probably going to dump a lot of them here over time.

I finally wrote some of my ideas down for a coursera.org course: Startup Engineering. This is the result:

Usually I would try to pull off a lean startup with the Shared Intellectual Property World, but webserver admi...