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Dev: #2 (I do not quit. I just want clean solutions)

Posted by Prot, 17 July 2013 · 410 views

Hi there,

I have done some planning and coding for a while before my first post so this one was actually finished some weeks ago. Like I said I was gathering some ideas for a topdown shooter. So the first thing I did were some artworks if you can call them artworks. They looked like this:


What I needed first was a simple spritesheet for a character which could be moved through the game's world. I did some quick work just to have some placeholders:


The next more complicated thing was, I wanted my characters to be moving on theirown in on the map. So no arrow keys but by clicking any point on the map. So I needed a pathfinding algorithm and picked A*. Before just implementing it to XNA I had some research to do and I had to try this algorithm on pen and paper which I did a lot:


After that I decided to implement pathfinding in a Winforms application first. For two reasons, first I think it was easier to debug and second after it worked I still had the possibility to turn this application into some kind of map editor. So after a first try to implement A* it did not work as expected. The reason was simply that I did only one iteration when calculating the path. So I kept on working on the Pathfinding class until I managed it to return reasonable paths. At the end of the day the application worked just fine. Plus I was able to load and save maps, and define obstacles etc. So with the pathfinding finished I was ready to implement the algorithm in XNA.

But here I've got some problems, nothing worked like I expected it to and the integration of my pathfinding didn't work at all. So after struggling with it for some days I did have something to show. But in fact I wasn't happy with my work.

And once again I had to realize that I made a common mistake again, I bit off more than I could chew! The problem is that I spend just too much time with pathfinding and not enough time with the game and it's concept. So from here on I decided to let the code rest and to address myself to the most important thing, the game-concept!

So my conclusion is, I wont write another line of code until I have a finished concept I can work with. Read you guys next time with a brand-new game concept!

You know, I really like how that sprite looks, I love clean looking sprites, hahahaha. Good luck on your project, I have been through a few years of doing xna stuff, and learning how to properly implement A* was a pain, but once I made it, it all made sense perfectly.


Wish you the best and will keep an eye on your journal