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(Dev: #3) A first look at "Purgatory"

Posted by Prot, 29 July 2013 · 763 views

Hello folks,

before I start presenting my newest accomplishements I want to thank Macoy Madson for his great article General Tips on the Process of Solo Game Development. The article helped me a lot and also showed me how change my approaches for the better.

What happened since my last entry.

As promised I sat down and created a whole new concept. This time I limited requirements as much as it was possible. This meant:
  • One fixed screen. No camera.
  • Keep the Gameplay as simple as possible.
  • Do not reinvent the wheel!
  • Try to implement stuff which can be reused as often as possible.
​Mostly I got my inspiration from mobile games as Battleheart or Sci-Fi Heroes. The action in those games takes place on a fixed-sized arenas. This was most important to me because it would keep the gameplay more assessable and also would not create an overhead when it comes to implementation.

So after some doodles and basic implementation work I had to create some graphical content in order to realize some testing. The main idea is that the player controls up to three characters which should be able to:
  • Stay idle
  • Move
  • Attack
  • Die
​And of course I needed some fiends which could:
  • Stay idle
  • Move
  • Attack
  • Die
Here I created some quick player characters:

Character 1

Character 2

Here the Tier1 and Tier2 enemy classes:



Now when it came down to animation I had to realize that I deeply suck at that stuff. And even after cutting down my ideas to the most basic concept I think I need a game-artist or designer. Just look at the first recording I did:

What now?

Well as You can see some artwork, game design and sprite animation is abundant! So if you have fun with stuff like this please contact me I would appreciate a partnership with somebody who is as passionate about making games as me!

For the rest I will proceed developement. Unfortunately I do not and can not write down all the ideas for gameplay and story but I will post more stuff as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoyed your first look at Purgatory!
Read you next time.

Youtube embedding does work for journals if you like.

Youtube embedding does work for journals if you like.


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Use the embed video link information that the YouTube video provides.


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Thanks for giving me cred for my article! I'm really glad it helped you, and know that you can always PM me with any questions etc.