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General project update #1

Posted by Arhim, 25 July 2013 · 366 views

Hello GameDev,

today I will just write out the progress made on our project.

1) We have been further improving our GUI so now we have sliders, a working text box, radio buttons (missing textures) and we started to work on scrollable lists. The way we have button callbacks implemented is not pretty so I will try to look into a better way of doing them.

2) Further progress was made on the Editor state so now we can actually make maps, save them to a file, load them from a file and move the camera around.

3) We are still trying to agree how to make the entity system. My friend and I each wrote a version of how we imagined it to work and we will try to make a final decision.

I would post a screenshot of the current editor, but I am limited with the current internet connection I have available. For future entries I will try to discuss some gameplay mechanics we will try to implement.

Happy coding till then :) (and later ofc)

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