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Richards Software Ramblings

Simple Particle Physics

Posted by ericrrichards22, 18 January 2014 · 562 views
C#, Physics, Particle Physics and 2 more...
As I mentioned last time , I’m going to move on from fiddling with my Terrain class for a little while, and start working on some physics code instead. I bought a copy of Ian Millington’s Game Physics Engine Development some months ago and skimmed through it, but was too busy with other things to really get into the accompanying source code . Now, I do...

Pathfinding III: Putting it All Together

Posted by ericrrichards22, 11 January 2014 · 2,138 views
SlimDX, C#, DirectX 11 and 3 more...

Watch the intrepid red blob wind its way through the mountain slopes!

Last time, we discussed the implementation of our A* pathfinding algorithm, as well as some commonly used heuristics for A*. Now we’re going to put all of the pieces together and get a working example to showcase t...

Pathfinding II: A* and Heuristics

Posted by ericrrichards22, 02 January 2014 · 564 views
C#, A*, SlimDX, DirectX11 and 1 more...
In our previous installment , we discussed the data structures that we will use to represent the graph which we will use for pathfinding on the terrain, as well as the initial pre-processing that was necessary to populate that graph with the information that our pathfinding algorithm will make use of. Now, we are ready to actually implement our pathfindi...

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