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Richards Software Ramblings

Shadow Mapping with SlimDX and DirectX 11

Posted by ericrrichards22, 28 October 2013 · 858 views
SlimDX, C#, DirectX 11 and 2 more...
Shadow mapping is a technique to cast shadows from arbitrary objects onto arbitrary 3D surfaces. You may recall that we implemented planar shadows earlier using the stencil buffer. Although this technique worked well for rendering shadows onto planar (flat) surfaces, this technique does not work well when we want to cast shadows onto curved or irregul...

Expanding our BasicModel Class

Posted by ericrrichards22, 25 October 2013 · 496 views
C#, SlimDX, DirectX 11, Models
I had promised that we would move on to discussing shadows, using the shadow mapping technique. However, when I got back into the code I had written for that example, I realized that I was really sick of handling all of the geometry for our stock columns & skull scene. So I decided that, rather than manage all of the buffer creation and litter the...

Particle Systems using Stream-Out in DirectX 11 and SlimDX

Posted by ericrrichards22, 21 October 2013 · 1,115 views
C#SlimDX, DirectX 11 and 3 more...
Particle systems are a technique commonly used to simulate chaotic phenomena, which are not easy to render using normal polygons. Some common examples include fire, smoke, rain, snow, or sparks. The particle system implementation that we are going to develop will be general enough to support many different effects; we will be using the GPU’s StreamOut...

Skinned Models in DirectX 11 with SlimDX and Assimp.Net

Posted by ericrrichards22, 15 October 2013 · 1,127 views
C#, SlimDX, Assimp, DirectX 11 and 2 more...
Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been very busy with work and life the last couple weeks. Today, we’re going to look at loading meshes with skeletal animations in DirectX 11, using SlimDX and Assimp.Net in C#. This will probably be our most complicated example yet, so bear with me. This example is inspired by Chapter 25 of Frank Luna’s Introduction to 3D Ga...

Loading 3D Models using Assimp.Net and SlimDX

Posted by ericrrichards22, 03 October 2013 · 1,711 views
C#, SlimDX, DirectX 11, Models and 1 more...
So far, we have either worked with procedurally generated meshes, like our boxes and cylinders, or loaded very simple text-based mesh formats. For any kind of real application, however, we will need to have the capability to load meshes created by artists using 3D modeling and animation programs, like Blender or 3DS Max. There are a number of potential so...

Generating Random Terrains using Perlin Noise

Posted by ericrrichards22, 01 October 2013 · 2,263 views
C#, SlimDX, DirectX 11, Terrrain and 3 more...
Previously, we have used our Terrain class solely with heightmaps that we have loaded from a file. Now, we are going to extend our Terrain class to generate random heightmaps as well, which will add variety to our examples. We will be using Perlin Noise, which is a method of generating naturalistic pseudo-random textures developed by Ken Perlin. One o...

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