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Richards Software Ramblings

Ray Tracing #3: Let's Get Some Actual Rays!

Posted by ericrrichards22, 11 April 2016 - - - - - - · 569 views
C#, Ray Tracing
Alright, ready for the third installment of this ray tracing series? This time, we'll get some actual rays, and start tracing them through a scene. Our scene is still going to be empty, but we're starting to get somewhere. Although the book I'm working from is titled Ray Tracing in One Weekend , it's starting to look like my project is going to be more li...

Ray Tracing #2: Abstractions

Posted by ericrrichards22, 11 April 2016 - - - - - - · 491 views
C#, Ray Tracing
It's going to take me considerably longer than one weekend to build out a ray tracer... Last time , I laid the groundwork to construct a PPM image and output a simple gradient image, like the one below.
This time around, I'm going to focus on building some useful abstractions that...

Hello Raytracing

Posted by ericrrichards22, 18 February 2016 - - - - - - · 620 views
C#, Ray tracing
Whew, it's been a while... A few weeks ago, I happened across a new book by Peter Shirley, Ray Tracing in One Weekend . Longer ago than I like to remember, I took a computer graphics course in college, and the bulk of our project work revolved around writing a simple ray tracer in Java. It was one of the few really code-heavy CS courses I took, and I...

Finite State Machines, Part 1

Posted by ericrrichards22, 02 August 2015 - - - - - - · 793 views
AI, Finite-State Machines, C#
One of my favorite books on AI programming for games is Matt Buckland's Programming Game AI By Example . Many AI programming books lean more towards presenting topics and theories, leaving the dirty work of implementing the techniques and algorithms up to the reader. This book takes a very different tack, with each chapter featuring one or more fully impl...

Setting up Chocolate Wolfenstein 3D in Visual Studio 2013

Posted by ericrrichards22, 20 May 2015 - - - - - - · 1,105 views
C++, Wolfenstein 3D, Id Software
For the past few weeks, I've been once again noodling on the idea of starting a .NET port of a classic Id FPS. As a kid on my first computer, an off-brand 486 with DOS, I just hit the tail end of the good old days of shareware. And amongst all the floppy disks of kiddy and educational software and sliming Gruzzles couldn't really hold a candle to explorin...

Model Loading Code Updated to AssimpNet 3.3.1

Posted by ericrrichards22, 11 February 2015 - - - - - - · 1,240 views
AssimpNet, C#, 3D Models and 1 more...
Just a quick update today. I've updated the 3D model loading code to use the latest version of AssimpNet that is on Nuget now. The latest code is updated on GitHub.

The biggest changes appear to be that the AssimpImporter/Exporter classes have been merged into a single AssimpContext class that can do both. Some of the GetXXX methods to retrieve vertex e...

Serving HTML5 Video using Nancy

Posted by ericrrichards22, 17 January 2015 - - - - - - · 1,212 views
C#, Nancy, OWIN, HTML5 Video and 1 more...
Not really game related, but something I've been working on lately.

Recently, I have been using OWIN a good deal for developing internal web applications. One of the chief benefits of this is that OWIN offers the ability to host its own HTTP server, which allows me to get out of the business of installing and configuring IIS on windows, which is one of t...

Geodesic Sphere Tessellation

Posted by ericrrichards22, 21 December 2014 - - - - - - · 1,294 views
C#, SlimDX, DirectX 11 and 1 more...
A couple of weeks ago as I was browsing HackerNews, I stumbled onto an article about creating spherical procedural maps by Andy Gainey. Procedural terrain/map generation is always something I find interesting, having grown up slightly obsessed with Civilization and its successors. Various methods of tiling a sphere in order to make a game grid have been...

HLSL Cookbook: Directional Lighting

Posted by ericrrichards22, 24 November 2014 - - - - - - · 860 views
HLSL, C#, SlimDX, Direct3D11 and 2 more...
Moving along with Chapter 1 of the HLSL Development Cookbook , we're on to handling directional lighting. I've covered most of the theory behind directional lighting previously , so this is going to be quite brief.

To recap, in case anyone is unfamiliar with the term, a directional light is a light which illuminates the entire scene equally from a given...

Hemispherical Ambient Lighting

Posted by ericrrichards22, 13 November 2014 - - - - - - · 870 views
C#, SlimDX, DirectX 11, HLSL and 1 more...
Well, it's been two rough months since the last post. Work has been crazy, and I've been wrestling with finishing up my never-ending Voronoi mapping project. So I decided to switch gears and return to the HLSL Development Cookbook . Now that I've got code in place to handle loading the .sdkmesh model files used by the book's examples, the hardest part is...

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