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We have 4 x Pro Licences (valued at $59 each) for 2d modular animation software Spriter to give away in this Thursday's GDNet Direct email newsletter.

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Better Than Accounting

Training for Aliens: UFO released!

Posted by BensBucketGames, 29 September 2013 · 798 views

The full version Training for Aliens: UFO is now available (free!) on Windows computers via IndieDB:


There's a new machinima intro, shown in the gameplay video: Click here to view the video on Indie DB.

And a few other changes. Thanks to everyone who tried the game and left comments!

I've re...

Training for Aliens: UFO final beta version!

Posted by BensBucketGames, 22 September 2013 · 414 views

Last chance to provide feedback before I release the game next weekend! Here's the link to the latest version:


I made so much progress in the last week that I skipped to version 0.9! Here's a screenshot of the new Pasture level:


Training for Aliens: UFO v0.6

Posted by BensBucketGames, 14 September 2013 · 1,125 views

More progress! As promised last week, I’ve added sounds and polished the GUI. First, here’s the link to the IndieDB page, so you can find the new download:


I’ve also added multiple captures with the one beam. Here’s a screenshot:


Beta release! Training for Aliens: UFO

Posted by BensBucketGames, 09 September 2013 · 392 views

New in this update: animated victims, fancier beam graphics, updated GUI, menus and a beta download link!

First, a screenshot:


The beta download is hosted by IndieDB:


If you find any bugs or issues, let me know:
what happened

Beaming Victims

Posted by BensBucketGames, 01 September 2013 · 411 views

Victims are randomly generated, walk across the footpath (in T-pose) and can be beamed up! Here's a screenshot mid-beam:


I also moved the buildings around, too. I was previewing the game in Unity's 'free aspect' view, rather than 16:9 or 5:4, but I now realise that there is less screen width...

UFO Sighting

Posted by BensBucketGames, 24 August 2013 · 327 views

A quick progress update. As promised in my last entry: a UFO, which the player can move left/right, with a semi-fancy beam. I'll try to get a screen recording for my next entry, but for now here's a screenshot:


It's not polished yet and I'll probably need Unity Pro to get the effects that I w...

Game Background

Posted by BensBucketGames, 16 August 2013 · 414 views

First, the game outline: like the arcade claw crane games , but the player is an alien in a UFO, trying to abduct pedestrians.

Second: the screenshot of the background/set for the game: http://bensbucketgames.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif


I haven't come u...

Is this thing on?

Posted by BensBucketGames, 11 August 2013 · 435 views

Recipe for game development success: I’m a tax accountant, it’s busy season, and my wife is 5.5 months pregnant with our first child. Oh, and I’m studying. Wait, did I say ‘success’?

A little about me and game development: Apart from a few simple games in BASIC or C++, most of my decade of experience has been as a contributor, reviewer and/or adminis...