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Progress Report - July 21st 2014

Posted by Norman Barrows, 21 July 2014 · 186 views

Progress Report - July 21st 2014

Beta 9 has been posted to the website, with a new download page:


I could really use some feedback on the game, so please, check it out! Its just a 60 meg download, and should provide about one evening's worth of gameplay.

Beta 9 now includes such niceities as real setup and uninst...

Caveman v3.0 progress report, April 20th 2014.

Posted by Norman Barrows, 23 April 2014 · 701 views

Caveman 3.0 progress report April 20th 2014

Work on Caveman continues. Its down to high level features and polishing. Currently, the quest generator is under construction, with 14 types of quests implemented so far.

Also the Beta has begun.

Check it out and let me know what you think!



The building of caveman part 4 - The Z game library

Posted by Norman Barrows, 20 April 2014 · 554 views

The Building of Caveman - Part 4

Z3D - The low level generic game development library

So far i had a wrapper for the dx9 fixed function pipeline, and a
render queue and state manager desigend to feed data to the pipeline
in optimal order for fastest performance. The render queue allows
the game to make drawing callis in a more of less arbitrary order...

The building of Caveman - Part 3 - getting a handle on directx...

Posted by Norman Barrows, 02 April 2014 · 487 views

The building of Caveman - Part 3 - Getting a handle on directx

Getting up to speed:
So i was going to be using directx and visual studio c++. All fine and good,
but i hadn't written a line of code in something like six years! So, first
came console mode hello world. then came directx fullscren mode and clearscreen.
then came the usual beginning direct pr...

The Building of Caveman - part 2. What to build, and tool selection

Posted by Norman Barrows, 29 March 2014 · 585 views

The Building of Caveman - part 2.

What to build, and how?

What to build? thats the first of a million questions to be answered when
building a game.

Well, the answer turns out to be pretty simple:

you build what you want to play, that somebody else hasn't already built
for you.

odds are, if you think its cool enough to play that you'd go through the...

The Building of Caveman - Part 1

Posted by Norman Barrows, 29 March 2014 · 607 views

The Building of Caveman, Part 1

in this series of posts i will explain the process of making the game
Caveman v3.0.

What was done and why.

this is done in hopes that it may help others in their quest for success.

first, who i am:

i'm life long gamer.

as a little kid (before computers!), wargames facinated me.
that big hex map with all that terrain,...

A day in the life...

Posted by Norman Barrows, 24 March 2014 · 655 views

A day in the life...

This will give you an idea of what its like to be an indie.

Tasks to be done on the project go on the "todo list". once they're completed, they're moved to the "done list".

here's the "done list" for Caveman for the last few days:

march 15th:* draw prairie better - need ref photos. need prairie grass textures. made new grass mes...

The basic game is DONE!

Posted by Norman Barrows, 24 March 2014 · 507 views

that's right...

after taking a break and evaluating skyrim, my motivation levels were back up. A final push, and as of 7pm eastern time, march 24th 2014, the basic game is done!

and my original estimate of how long it would take was pretty accurate: about 2 years, working full/over time.

all that's left is adding on new high end features.

well, that...

Progress Report: March 2014

Posted by Norman Barrows, 06 March 2014 · 403 views

Few progress reports, but lots of progress:

All Improved animal animations done - even the new bunny_attack animation! <g>. The improved animations really bring the animals to life. Sometimes i'll be testing something and its like really being back in a paleolithic world.

Took some time out to finally give Skyrim a thorough evaluation. Obliv...

Progress report - Nov 2013

Posted by Norman Barrows, 27 November 2013 · 411 views

Progress report - Nov 2013

Its been a while since I posted any info on the Caveman project, so I thought i ought to post an update. While I haven't posted any blog entries or screenshots in a couple months, I have been very busy working on the game.

As of the last update in mid-September, a first pass had been completed at making it draw everything in t...