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slayemin's Journal

New Studio: Week 3 - Prototyping

Posted by slayemin, 27 June 2014 - - - - - - · 1,765 views
Indie, Business, Production and 1 more...
It's Tuesday night, I'm sipping a beer and barely feeling it. Let's do this!

My artist (Dan) and I started building the initial prototype for our game this week. The first thing we did is put together a user interface storyboard which explains how the magic casting system works in real time. I decided to build the prototype in C#/XNA because i...

New Studio: Week 2 review

Posted by slayemin, 21 June 2014 - - - - - - · 1,363 views
indie, game dev, production and 1 more...
These are my reflections on the second week of my new indie studio. I wrote them at the end of each day of the week while things were fresh on my mind. It's a bit unedited and long, so bear with me.

Links to previous weeks: [Week 0 ] [Week 1 ]

I spent the early half of the day trying to figure out how to implement Perlin noise. The plan was to...

New Studio: Week 1 review

Posted by slayemin, 15 June 2014 - - - - - - · 1,587 views
Business, Production, Indie
The first week is over. The work days certainly feel a lot longer and much more busy. I thought I'd spend this journal entry detailing a few of the first week issues that I experienced and how I worked through them.

On Sunday afternoon, the day before the first day, I spent most of the day building a computer for my artist. It's got 8Gb of ram, 2tb of di...

Starting my studio

Posted by slayemin, 05 June 2014 - - - - - - · 6,111 views

Well, I'm taking the dive and going full on into starting my own game dev studio as an indie developer. I'm paying entirely out of pocket and have zero business income. It's got me a bit nervous.

I hired my first 3D artist/animator last week. He was asking for $36k/year, I counter offered a much higher offer @ $50k/year. My reasoning is the following:

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