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2d Game Creation

Raw Input API

Posted by JD_Rushing, 05 December 2013 · 381 views

A lot of research went into using Raw Input API on a gamepad.
I am using a Logitech Dual Action usb gamepad.
This is where I got the best example. But he obviously changed part of the code cause it didn't work.

So after more research and tweeking, got it to work. Right now it is 4 buttons, two analog s...

Small Break and now trying Gamepad support

Posted by JD_Rushing, 26 November 2013 · 310 views

I worked some crazy hours the last few weeks and had a vacation. I spent the vacation catching up on shows and got the ps4, so was also playing that.
I'm working on getting the basics of the game going to I can sync both the animator and game together. I may implement something in the animator, and absolutely realize it was a terrible idea in the game....


Posted by JD_Rushing, 31 October 2013 · 332 views
So I cloned my main hard drive over to a bigger one and then extended the partition. Everything seemed fine the first day. I even programmed more. I have been working a lot at my sad non-computer based job so not much programming. I have been working on a multi-branching menu GUIObject. It was working....then the new(er) hard drive had a meltdown and wind...

GUIObject: Button

Posted by JD_Rushing, 16 October 2013 · 278 views
Now please correct me if I say something wrong. I am not trying to create a tutorial, but rather explain my process.

Now all my GUI (Graphical User Interface) objects inherit from GUIObject.hpp

#include <string>#include "OpenGLContext.hpp"#include "Command.hpp"#include "AValue.hpp"#include "Vector2i.hpp"#include "Texture.hpp"#include "FontBMP.hp...

Component Manager and GUI

Posted by JD_Rushing, 10 October 2013 · 421 views
So my custom GUI uses an inherited 'GUIObject.hpp'. They are then kept in a std::Vector of pointers. I have a ComponentManager that handles different screens/frames (however you want to look at it), the ComponentGui (cGui), and Component2d (c2d). Both cGui and c2d are 2d components, but the latter is going to handle the 2d objects and animations.


Posted by JD_Rushing, 10 October 2013 · 323 views

I have started and abandons/restarted so many games/engines. Every since third grade, multitude of languages (QBasic, Visual Basic, C++, Java). I think in 20 years, I have completed 3 games (Tic Tac Toe, Dodger (a simple space craft moving right faster, astroids), and a simple 2d fighter). For the last 9 years I have restarted the same 3d engine with c...

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