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Day X: Project Universal Secret. Cleaning up the horrid mess

Posted by Night Lone, 10 October 2013 · 374 views

code programming game development C++ messy code Irrlicht
Well, I was suggested to make one of theses, and since I'm updating twitter and FB, might as well update this as well...Starting at 10am today I started to clean up my project; separating the camera, event handler, and main game code into separate classes. Then I proceeded to get rid of a header file which held all my header files and actually only included the bare min per file. That sped compiling up a lot! Then I started to make a few classes inheriting ISceneNode from Irrlicht. My next step; getting the collision handler in and working properly so I can start doing the fun stuff.

For those whom know nothing about my project and haven't heard me talk about it in the Chat:
It's an unnamed space project which i've deemed "Project Universal Secret" for the time being.
I will only mention what will be possible as of now, my goals are secret though.

A Space game, setting is in the near future of a alternative reality where space travel was more concentrated on than computers or robotics. You'll be able to create your own ships, space stations, you name it. I will try to put as many features as I can, but bit by bit; the prototype game will be, in reality, a level editor. Alpha is when you can fly the ship; Beta you'll have to wait and see!

Well, Thanks for taking your time to read this, hope it inspires some people