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Day X+1: Project Universal Secret. Deleting And Adding

Posted by Night Lone, 12 October 2013 · 343 views

Programming C++ Irrlicht Game Development
I've decided to do these things before I start coding to review yesterday's work, and to ensure I don't add more during it!
To summarize, I've did some coding of the main feature of the game, adding and deleting parts of the space ship. It all works like a charm! There's just one tiny bug in the code, whenever you don't click onto a piece (ie, you clicked in the middle of no-where) it still adds a piece, at 0,0,0; which is annoying so I'm going to be getting that dealt with soon. I'm still working on the interface really, the next thing I aim to work on is adding more floors and wall types to the game and allowing you to put them in; Which may come in as a config file yet...not sure how I want to do this. Only one floor type has been added. Will add more in the near future!
Here's a little screenshot of me manually making the floor of a surprise for ya guys Posted Image
Posted Image