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Day X+2: Project Universal Secret. The Phantom Piece

Posted by Night Lone, 13 October 2013 · 326 views

C++ Programming Game Development Irrlicht Phantom Code
Stayed up until 11:30PM dealing with, what I named, "The Phantom Piece". Originally the name was to describe how it'll act; a "ghost" piece that helps you see where you're going to put the piece, before putting it there. Unfortunately the Phantom Piece did a lot more than that. It allowed me to see problems and bugs in the code, which I thank, but it was a pain in the rear to get rid of all those bugs! And there's more...

If the piece keeps up the trouble I might have to make some special code in the game that causes a "phantom piece" thats visible, but in all other senses, invisible. that or make a Phantom Ship? any suggestions if this thing keeps being a pain in the rear? if the developers have to deal with it, why not the players as well? ;)

No screenshots today, the Phantom Piece made sure of that >.>