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Day X+4: Project Universal Secret. GUI

Posted by Night Lone, 15 October 2013 · 318 views

It was a pretty lazy day at the start; didn't really do any coding at all. Started planning the GUI though; I also started thinking of some more fine details of the game. Now I don't want the player to manage too many things, but here's what will need to be managed (as of the concept right now) Health, and Food. When wearing a suit, the following are also considered: Oxygen and Power. Heres some "demo" GUI, any comments?
Posted Image
I may add more or less. I do want a semi-realistic system for health and management; might have to copy off the sims a bit :P Anywho, Lets see how far I'll make it >.< more GUI today (Day X+5) No code

Nice and crisp style you got there. Here is some feedback, if you are interested :) 

  • Since the bars are not aligned horizontally it might result in the illusion that there is slightly more green stuff. 
  • Color-blind people (mostly men) might mix up the two bars.
  • Health and food are quite similar as concepts. How about replacing food with hunger, and health with life?
  • The fork looks a little bit like one of those powergrid-towers. If you make the "blade" which" you shovel food with more "boxy" instead of round you will be better off. Also good manners implies knife on right side with blade inwards, with fork on left side (used to work as a waitor).
  • An alternative layout for the knife and fork is to put them in a cross, but that would perhaps interfere with the human shape (which is also a bit like a cross). If you would go with that I would replace the human shape with a heart or so. 

Thanks for the feedback! Good thing you mentioned that, in fact I will have to make new GUI (I'll post why today) It's nice to know people read and will respond to this :)