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Day X+4-5: Project Universal Secret. A Little Change

Posted by Night Lone, 17 October 2013 · 320 views

Programming Game Development C++ Irrlicht
My original plan, well lets just say, was a bit ambitious and foolish. I realized this thanks to a friend who inadvertently made me realize that simulating all what I wanted to simulate was...stupid for one man to try it alone. Thankfully I'm reverting to a simpler piece of the original game, and changing the genre. Instead of focusing on an entire universe, i'm now focusing on a planet, small part of one. 90% of my original code will be reused, and about 80% will stay the same my guess.
The bad news is over, now for the good news:
I'm implementing a Marching-Cubes like algorithm (See http://paulbourke.net/geometry/polygonise/) which will help generate the land. My GUI will be changed to correspond with the change in the game, but it won't be a big shocking change. I won't be leaking any secrets about the game until some prototype screenshots are made.

Anyone up for an RTS? :P

glad you went with this method. I think it will have the best results *hugs* woflie power!

Well it was the most logical choice; but i'm not using Marching Cubes exactly. It will use a similar algorithm but the look-up tables are very very different. I'll show a screenshot once I have Irrlicht able to do it; I will release that scene-node code out to the public as well, it should be very easy to implement Marching Cubes with Irrlicht if everything goes right.

Well good luck bro