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Day X+Lost in time...Just a small update

Posted by Night Lone, 01 November 2013 · 391 views

C++ Programming Irrlicht Game Dev Marching Cubes
Just a little update for ya guys. I've done some headaches and finally got the Marching Cubes Algorithm working. Next time I do that, I'm gonna not have such a confusing system xD
I would paste some code in here, but might as well just link where I learned Marching Cubes from. http://paulbourke.net/geometry/polygonise/
Also, so that you haven't wasted too much time reading and not understanding/not believing. Here's a little sample of what I've done:
Posted Image
Not much, but it works so far.

Have a good day, and remember, don't feed the wild animals ;)

Im'a feed the wild animals all I want! D:

Good job =) The results are looking good so far.

Haha well then be careful! and thanks :)

I can see it now! I had to go home to see it! damn work was probably blocking it! Good job so far

That sucks, at least your home doesn't block it!