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Drawing Week 1: Plans and progress

Posted by Night Lone, 10 January 2014 · 294 views

Well, the biggest reason why you guys haven't heard from me in a while was because i was...well, dead outta ideas and busy and other crap. Now I'm back! With many many ideas....actually, just a few, and I'm drawing for a bit to see how effective each idea will be, before going after them. Since I'm the primary artist...only artist...in my team, I gotta make what I want before agreeing if I can do something.
My current idea, and therefore attempt, involves six different races. My first race: A plant-like child race. They can grow fruit (this picture doesn't have the vines to grow the fruit, therefore she's not "mature" enough) Their physical appearance do not pass the age of 10, they are very friendly and lively, though very poisonous if pissed off. Now, Here she is! (as "she" is actually a plant, "she" is an "it" to be precise)

Further More: I KNOW there's mistakes here, I'm still learning. Other than the odd thickness in the legs and the one hand looking a bit off, if you find anything else that annoys your eye, please, PLEASE tell me...just try to be helpful, i'll just ignore all rude smart-arse remarks.
Posted Image

I really like the idea that they gain foliage as the mature; it has a lot of potential to explore. I am not an artist, but I think there is something wrong with the way that she is grabbing her arm -- it looks almost like the right arm is going through her body. Maybe her shoulders need to be moved back?

her shoulders maybe, but her right arm seems a bit long, the elbow of the left art probably should be aimed back a bit. But, for my first attempt at that pose, and i'm kinda new at drawing, i say this is a good piece :)