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Drawing Week 1 Day 2: New Character

Posted by Night Lone, 11 January 2014 · 279 views

Well, Today...err...yesterday...was uneventful until midnight >.<
I had this drawing challenge with a friend and while, she finished her drawing in 8 minutes, it was a copy, but i did admire how fast she did it. While my first attempt, 44 minutes later (while talking to Seg) and well...it didn't turn out how I would like it...the Desert race looked...more like...I have no clue xD but thankfully the ugly head made me erase it for the 4th time and in 5 minutes i fixed it to where I'll gladly show it! So, here he is!

Features: Markings on his head and arms. His eyes are glazed over and actually white, to protect them from the harsh sand-storms. His skin is very pale. Sooner or later I'll draw a female version. His race is bald, anyhow who'd wanna clean sand outta their hair every day?
Posted Image

I will try to upload one a day; they're all for a game/comic I'll be starting shortly if I haven't mentioned that before. I may look into animation if drawing them on the computer seems more fun than programming xD who knows!! You will see!

On a side note: If I work on the animation instead of a game, I'd be open to discuss working with someone for the game, following the storyline given out in the comic/animation

The hands and right foot are pretty bad -- you're going to want to practice those a lot in the future. Hands are hard to critique, since they're so complex (and I can't draw them myself!). For the right foot: If you get into this pose, yourself, you'll realize that your right heel still touches the ground, barely. What I would recommend is to draw it the same way as the other foot, but mirrored. Then squish it on the sides, so it looks like the foot is facing more towards the viewer than to the side. You may want to get rid of the heel, and just round off the back of the foot, if it looks better.


Also, on the side that goes behind the chin, you might want to bring the neck in, slightly. Otherwise, it looks like it attatches to the back of the skull off-center.

one, i really payed no attention to the hands, all my drawings at this stage are for learning, i'll probably ignore the hands for quite a bit. But thanks for the note on the foot, and you mean the left foot; as his left would be our right :P and his foot is actually suppose to be aimed like that; it is an odd pose, but it isn't impossible. and what you're saying with the neck, I totally agree, the head piece was frustrating so i wanted to get it over quickly; also that's the first time i really did any neck; thanks for the tips!!