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Drawing Week 1 Day 3: Simple Notification

Posted by Night Lone, 11 January 2014 · 313 views

No image yet; might not actually post one. Just a few simple notes really.
1) All images I'm submitting are just "prototypes" as I'm learning. I'm going to almost completely ignore the hands at this stage.
2) All images are of alien life, going to be separated in six races, the images I'm showing is the base template really.
3) most "official" images will be in SVG, and possibly in comic form. They will be coloured and generally look a lot better! (hopefully)
And, just as a general note: if a piece of the drawing looks completely unfinished, or not even attempted at, then it should be obvious that I've purposely left it that messy because i'm not focusing on that piece. On that note, none, or almost none, of the races will have "mitten" hands. If I draw mitten hands, it should be roughly translated as: "I'm too lazy to look closely and draw the fingers, the rough shape of this hand should be taken as the rough direction the hand is facing"

I am new at drawing; and for the time that I've spent drawing (a few months maybe, in total), I think I'm doing good.


I think you're doing well -- certainly a lot better than I could do! :)


If you're looking for some more critique you might also try asking for some pointers in the Visual Arts forum.

Thanks! actually i'm gonna show my face on Deviantart a little more, ask them for critiques; but if that goes empty, i'm sure the community here will support me! Thanks for the support though :)