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Drawing Week 1 Day 3: Fish Race

Posted by Night Lone, 12 January 2014 · 384 views

drawing art line art anime
Just saying right now, i hate how detailed he needed to be!! I did the feet and one hand; the hand is to show that it's not like a human hand but different, I know it looks off but...well...no buts, it looks off!! Also, his one foot looks...well...ugly...but, like they say, hands and feet are one of the hardest things to do, especially so in such a small paper (if it was larger I'd probably try to do better) His right eye (the one on your right) is a little off center as well, but, other than these, i like the general look. Any improvements, go ahead and post; just please don't mention what I already mentioned :P yes, I'm talking to you! Whomever you are.
So, some lovely information about the guy:
he can breathe air and in water, his gills are in his cheeks, the strips on the side...well, he's a little on the thin side :P his fins on his arm can also be used as a weapon. His "ears" can be used as fins themselves, so he can actually use them to creep up in the water slowly....very slowly....honestly they're more for breaking (any suggestions on this is welcomed xD). The top of his head can be coloured differently from his skin, usually darker. His race is a hunter type race...any questions? go for it!
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Not bad, but I really think you need to stop yourself and start focusing on the basics first. Many times we attempt to tackle such things as a full bodied human without really understanding how the body works. You obviously have creativity down so you just need to strengthen your core skills.


These would be, but not limited to:

  • Human form
  • Muscle development
  • Muscle placement
  • Anatomy
  • Common Shapes

When you gain a better understanding of how each of these work you will 100% have the ability to create something real and believable. If you want more advice or direction let me know and I can link you some things. Great job so far and the best thing to remember about art is that while you may not always make something that looks good, you should always strive to learn from whatever you make.

well...i half agree with you here; first off, i do have the human form down pat; but i do need to learn more about muscle development and placement (which both falls under anatomy); and common shapes? I don't see where you're getting that xD

Also the style is Anime, I've seen styles of anime which, to put it bluntly, i'm surprised they put on TV!! And, to be honest, my anatomy skills are only lacking in drawing :P if you saw my 3D models, they're pretty good anatomically :P

last and further note, it's clear this isn't a human xD that said, some parts are a bit odd, which my biggest problem is his left foot (and right hand, but as thats my first try with hands, i'm dismissing that)

While you do make some valid points I think we can both agree ( objectivly ) that the drawing is a far cry from something professional. That sounds harsh but that is what we are attempting to aim for right? getting better to the point where the art looks great by all people who view it? If you are doing the art just to do the art than I can 100% understand where you are coming from. If you are doing it to learn and to grow as an artist than what I said holds true.


Most artists take years and years of classes and while it is almost insulting to have somebody tell you "go learn basic shapes again" there are several points in your art where those things are missed. You are right that this isnt a human but I would urge you not to use that as an excuse to make bad art. Try not to take what I am saying as a personal insult but rather a constructive opinion. Ill give you a clear example:




Not too long ago I was posting my art up on polycount and looking for people to critique it. As you can read I took what he said personally. After a bit of time I actually tried what he said and my art was actually better. Now, I am not saying that you should listen to what I say as if it is the bible but the point I am attempting to make is that we make art for others to view and marvel at. If the goal is just that than we should be listening to the people around us to better judge how what we are making effects them. ( there are other forms of art where you just do it to do it, i dont think this would be one of them if your goal is to make it in the industry )


These are my simple thoughts and in no way should you take them as hostile. I very much applaud the fact that you are actually trying to make your artform better and simply wanted to assist in the process. Keep it up, and I would love to see some of your 3d work.

"I think we can both agree ( objectivly ) that the drawing is a far cry from something professional. "
Yup! But I'm not aiming professional, yet xD I'm simply aiming to better myself;

In which case, if you, or anyone, really wants to help, don't be so vague; when you said what you did, it told me the entire thing sucked; now if you're to say "your shading needs work" that is still vague, but at least i know that every part that's shaded needed to be reworked. saying "your shading is contradicting the general shape of the legs" (or of the body) then that's telling me that I need to look at my shading and re-evaluate it; I'll be honest, I think it's the shading that I screwed up on, majorly. The shapes are exactly how I want...minus a few shapes that I mentioned in the original post; it's the shading that makes the shapes look off.


While I appreciate what you're doing, please be less vague next time; if you're gonna say I need to work on something, then give me exact points, I rather have some nit-picky guy give me a list of 100 things wrong with my drawing that I need to fix up; then someone vaguely saying "you need to work on anatomy" especially considering that (other than his hand and lower left leg) anatomy isn't the problem, it's shading :P

Well, normally people are vague so they are not overtly disrespectful. I can go part by part and show you where it could be better if that would help. Thanks for the info and I am sorry if I came off harsh.

well, you didn't come off harsh, but, as someone who wants to learn from his mistakes and make the best as he can, it's actually more disrespectful being vague. I rather have a butt ugly list of what i did wrong, so I can look and say "okay, that i need to fix, oh that i did on purpose, and that...well...yeah i should fix that I guess". 

Bottom line: to a new artist who wants to learn; being vague is more insulting then listing every part of the body, and saying whats wrong with it; sure being vague targets the entire body, but listing and saying whats wrong with it, tells the person "okay, i need to practice on drawing hands" (which i do :P) or "oh, that muscle doesn't look right cause of that" etc etc. 


Only the unwise would take precise criticism as an insult. Vague criticism is an insult because it tells the person nothing. Precise tells them everything.