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My Life Lately: C++ and its problems

Posted by Night Lone, 16 January 2014 · 593 views

C++Compiler Trouble
First of all, I would show progress about something, but nothing to show progress on; I'm attempting at some basic coding, and...well rather my skills are a tad bit rusty, or my IDE hates me. Considering I did everything by the book (err tutorial) I'm thinking I did something horribly wrong with installation of my IDE. I do not, cannot(too big of a download) and refuse to, get Visual Studios. It's mainly personal reasons, end of discussion. Currently I'm trying to use NetBeans, great IDE in my opinion, until it involves setting up files, THEN it's a headache.

Got it working! somehow...Thanks to Bact...that or me playing around....or both...I thank him though xD
Also, MinGW...anyone uses it? I do because I also compile on a Linux machine, like things to differ as little as possible...think I might need a new Linux machine sooner or later though; 7yo laptop, still running...but...any game i'd wanna program would make it cry! In fact...The OpenGL version I'm using is too new for that lappy....Anyone suggests a notebook to play with? are they worth the $300 to ensure my game works on something stupid and puny?

If you are low on budget, Kabini-based processors are the best thing that happened in the last few years!

You get a decent CPU and real GCN cores.

Whoops, I mean netbook xD multitasking and me don't mix

Have you tried Code::Blocks? C::B plus a GCC 4.8 Mingw build from Mingw-w64 project for Windows works wonders for me, and it's pretty easy to set up. Plus C::B works on Linux, too.

I don't like C::B, I used to use it all the time but it doesn't play nice with me xD
i recently purchased this tablet/netbook: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834231359&Tpk=t100ta it has openGL 4.0 drivers, and even outperforms my 6 year old dell inspieron 1545 laptop. get both a full desktop, and a tablet. 100$ over your budget(or maybe that's just a random number?) but it was worth it imo, i'm loving it so far.
It was a random number xD but I won't be getting anything until I have something to show

I second using C::B, maybe give it another try? :P

The reason why I don't use C::B is because it's autocomplete feature is buggy, to say the least. Also Netbeans has a nice feel to it, and it's autocomplete isn't as buggy. and i'm also used to netbeans, have it set up how i wish
Do you hate Microsoft?
Why do you ask that?

Because I love Visual C++

Visual Studios has some obvious problems for me, due to my limited internet and money; VS is too big, and it costs to get a version that you can use plugins, furthermore, I've used it before with greater frustration than C::B

I didn't even notice an autocomplete feature in C::B. That's what I use on linux.

oh there is...there is...but...it's limited xD

yeah, VS is garbage. I've just tried 2012 myself. They never fix the ugly parts. Uhh, I'll stick with cryptic textfiles and commands, thanks.


I've settled on Geany IDE, CMake, and probably MinGW or Clang (although MSVC without VS isn't out of the question). Semi-lightweight interchangeable parts available in all OSes, that's the idea... so I'm not completely lost when I venture outside the Linux comfort zone.

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