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Jan 28 Update

Posted by Night Lone, 28 January 2014 · 335 views

Well, I'm not dead >.< and I've been thinking; for those who don't know, I'm planning on trying to write a comic, now, I know my art is at least good enough to get some attention (I've seen a webcomic displaying art that looks like a 5yo can do). Hopefully by the end of it, my skills will be better, and if it gets enough attention, I'll then implement it as a game. If I so choose that path...Who knows, I might have so much fun making it, I just continue to make it or try my hand at animation. Either way, it's going to be a big advertisement for hopefully a future game. I'm making the script right now; here's the first page for anyone interested:

Frame 1: Long
Two construction workers sitting having a lunch break.
Worker1: You know that Legend? The one that talks about every 100 years some guy would be born with a great power?
Worker2: Yeah? What about them? You don't think they're actually true do you?! You know they're all myths!
Worker1: Yeah I know, but sometimes you have to wonder...
Frame 2: most of the page.
A young man in the fatal position, seemly in great pain, grunting in pain. He's laying on the concrete ground
[But what they don't know, is that those legends...]
Frame 3: Small bottom right corner
The hand of the young man, with a symbol glowing bright from the back of his hand
[...are actually true]

No pictures yet, I'm gonna just write the first comic before I do any pics