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Feb 22: Goals, 3D modelling and Programming

Posted by Night Lone, 22 February 2014 · 344 views

just a little update to all...I'm actually programming a game!

There should be a screenshot at the end of the month showing what I've done. Every week I'll try to keep this updated...Maybe...I won't release the name of the game (as i'm not 100% decided on it) I'll be updating my twitter more with finer details, and be listing what I've done every week, probably around Saturday. I do have a "schedule" but lately I've been ignoring it and just been trying to do something for the game every day, even if it's programming a few lines, or setting up my computers for something.

So, lets start:
This week: I actually started the project!
• 3D modelled and temp textured some land and the character.
• Played around with Panda3D, loaded the land into it.
• Played a whole lot of Minecraft
• Yeah, about it for now!
Goal for next week: get the little character moving and colliding against the land.

Next Month: Comic (should) be out!! The comic is basically a huge advertisement for the game, any new features, you'll see it in the comic first! No promises on the Comic, but reason why I'm doing it, is because i don't get burned out programming.

Little overview:
I'm attempting to make a very simple game, the engine I'm using is Panda3D, which, isn't a bad engine, but does restricts me to what I can do. Also I'll attempt to play this game on my old laptop, which furthers limits me. Here's the basic gameplay I want to implement before I can call it a "barely playable product":
• Controllable character which can collect crystals and bash baddies with a giant hammer.
Think 3D Mario with a giant hammer...thats the gameplay essentially, of course, with my own little tweeks and perks.

As of now, I'm not taking any suggestions on what i should expand the gameplay to become, but I do love a challenge. If anyone wishes to give me a realistic deadline, I may try to do it. A) for fun B) to see if i can get my @$$ into gear :P

IF you read all of this; Thanks! And have a good day!