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Feb 25: Blog, Twitter, Social networks...SCREENSHOT!

Posted by Night Lone, 25 February 2014 · 303 views

Social Networks Updates Game Development
First off, for all those who begged for screenshots:
Posted Image
Then I learned how to get the true FPS to show...Next shot will show what my mac can do xD
Just saying, Collision detection takes a LOT from the computer, but right now both windows and mac machines are taking it nicely, once I add some more characters that need to stick to the ground, i may have to revisit collision detection again, maybe even use Panda3D's bindings to ODE. Tried to make it work on Linux (ubuntu)....that was a very sad disappointment...took all morning to find out that i'm wasting time trying to make it work on that old laptop...Anyhow...
For anyone who wants to watch the progress of my game, please, visit my twitter (https://twitter.com/nightlonegamer) or my Blog (http://nightlonedevs.blogspot.ca/) I'll probably only update this when it's called for, or when i need to get distracted :P

Welp! Have a nice time Developing..or doing..whatever you do...