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Mar 15: KISS. Keep It Simple St–Unwise one...Drawing for games

Posted by Night Lone, 15 March 2014 · 409 views

Art Drawing for games Game art Programmer art
Just saying, rather in programming, drawing, or anything, the best thing to learn is this: Keep It SIMPLE. More complex something gets, the more time it takes to make, the more time spent doing something you may want to avoid. Also, the more time it takes to someone to read it. Drawing on the other hand, more complex it gets, the more time it takes away from you. And to really think about it, the more complex something gets, like in programming, the slightest mistake can break part, or the entire thing! I would show pictures of what I mean, but...lack of scanner...and other things I won't mention Posted Image.

But, still, one thing thats easy to say, but hard to do, is to Keep It Simple...at least to me. You try simple, you do simple, you get another idea, you slap it on, and now the product is simplish (yes, it's a word :P) then you get another idea, and another, then your simple idea, is now a complex one...I might be the only one who's like that, but I doubt it.
It's funny though, when it comes to art, if you aim to be simple, you normally get good art. Sure it's probably a little on the cartoon side, but it's still simple, and maybe even fun. But as soon as you start to get complex, you gotta know what you're doing, 'cause one little mistake can make the hand or head look off, or worse, the entire thing looks garbage (thats a rare thing, cause you can erase the mistake, normally) I know how it is, I draw human bodies not that bad (better than I ever thought I'd be able to) BUT, Hands, neck, head...hair...all those things I'd still need practice on, and when i add them to the drawing, the drawing goes from "Awesome" to "crappy" in a matter of a few minutes. Anatomy books wouldn't be a bad idea to buy either...learning the muscle structure, etc etc. But for something quick, and to look good...all I gotta say is this: KEEP IT SIMPLE ST...Unwise person.... :P


What I've been doing lately? collecting ideas, sorting them out, and drawing...hence the rant above...if you didn't read it, and into drawing/programming...well...just keep everything simple...all I can say...
I'll be updating my blog shortly after some major drawing today, so anyone who's following might get a sneek peek of what i'm doing xD

But for now! see ya guys!