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Tutorial Doctor's Journal

Bret Victor on the Future of Programming

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 26 November 2014 · 70 views
bret, victor, future, programming and 3 more...
Bret Victor seems to think that the future of programming will be more node-based too. This guy is awesome by the way.

Computer Programming: Disorganized Complexity

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 25 November 2014 · 82 views
complexity, disorganized
The one thing that has plagued me is the disorganized complexity of the whole computer programming situation.

Gist, Gits, Stack Overflow, Gamedev.net, IRC freenode, branches, forks, etc.

There are a billion ways to do a billion things.

I called it all "Disorganized Complexity."

It seems I wasn't the first to coin the phrase:


I've diagnosed myself with having an inferiority complex

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 07 July 2014 · 434 views
inferior, inferiority, complex and 3 more...
I've diagnosed myself with having an inferiority complex:

It never makes me feel good when I see my faults in the mirror.

Now, this is a time of reflection, but all of a sudden I am thinking of how this applies to gamers.

So, I revisited in my mind, a few of my original posts on this site, where I was trying to get to the root of "Games." Things like...

A Collection of Game Dev Tutorials

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 05 May 2014 · 554 views
tutorials, tutorial, game and 1 more...

Human Modeling

My Study on Fuzzy Logic

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 18 April 2014 · 513 views
fuzzy, logic, ai, artificial and 1 more...
So, someone recently (perhaps accidentally) introduced me to the term "fuzzy logic," and this is what I have been looking for! I am having a sort of hard time wrapping my head around how it works exactly, because I have only been using Boolean logic. However, since I am new to programming, I am not set in my ways, so I can retrain myself easier.

And I am...

TD, checking out!

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 21 March 2014 · 483 views

I have some life stuff to workout, so I will be checking out for a while. Thanks everyone who responded to my questions here. I have been recommending this site to people I come across. I haven't been here long enough to really get to know everyone, but I do know that this site is well maintained and that there are a lot of professional people here. Great...

You can make GTA Style Characters in no time!

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 21 March 2014 · 454 views
GTA, grand theft, auto
I use the Maratis 3D engine, and I was fortunate enough to meet someone who did a very good tutorial on how to make game characters using Blender and Makehuman. In no time I had a decent character that could be animated.

If you are interested:


This is also a reference for me for later, when I need to cra...

I've Been Inspired!

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 19 March 2014 · 572 views
So, I was inspired to make a video game by a video game that teaches you about developing video games.

GameDev Tycoon? Have you heard of it?

I might end up buying the game solely for educational purposes. I even took notes!

This game should be advertised on Gamedev.net's main page.

Edit: On top of that, I have an idea for my first game!

Fallacies in information.

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 18 March 2014 · 527 views
false, true, fallacy

The world is full of truth and fallacy. Our own logic systems work based on these two things.

Joey is sick. He can't afford to go to a doctor, or perhaps he doesn't like doctors.
Joey goes online to look up a cure for his condition, but he can't even describe his condition.
He asks one question, and he learns a billion different cures, most...

A little of my history

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 13 March 2014 · 506 views

So, I was in college for engineering and my school required laptops. I had a low paying job, but it paid enough for me to be able to buy the best gateway I could afford at the time. It was about $1500 but the value was in the graphics card which, I have to say, was awesome.

I didn't finish college because of money and transportation issues, but one Chri...