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Tutorial Doctor's Journal

Programmers talk "Alien"

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 29 January 2014 · 545 views
programmer, langauge, hard
A little frustrated because just browsing through forum posts on any programming website full of competent programmers sounds like alien talk.

I mean, do you really have to abbreviate english? See so many topics that sound like the person is speaking in a broken english-like JAVA.You don't use terminology that requires specific knowledge when you are ma...

Programming Cause and Effect.

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 21 January 2014 · 430 views
boolean., cause, effect and 2 more...
So, it is sunny outside, and that makes you happy , so you go outside to play . But then, it starts raining which makes it rainy , and that causes you to be sad . So, you decide to go to sleep .

I sat down today and thought of a way to program cause and effect. I came up with this notation:(initCondtion, initState, initBehavior) + Action = (deltaState,...

I finally realize how important planning is.

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 19 January 2014 · 331 views
plan, important, produce
So, I am the type to work by trial and error, usually. I get stuff done, sometimes.

However, every time I sit down, gather my thoughts and type out a plan, it seems I have more control over the processes I take to accomplish something.

You know how in the PC version of the Sims you can record footage and compose it into a video? Well, I was making a f...

Why am I making a game anyway?

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 17 January 2014 · 401 views
game, industry
Am I trying to change the world? Am I trying to create something I will play every day of my life to pass time? Am I trying to make money from it?

Most games today are temporary games and have no real value. So why am I even thinking about making a game with the hope of potentially making "a" sell? So much goes into them, and if I want it to have any sor...

Games are good social pastime.

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 17 January 2014 · 331 views
game, social, interaction
I had a eureka!

So, a friend and I were bored, and we were wondering what we could do together to not be bored. We could have talked, or we could have watched a movie, or we could have listened to music etc. But we wanted to have fun without having to go out somewhere and spend money.

Well, we played a game!

Games are a good social pastime. And I think...

I don't ask for help with my code unless I really need it.

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 13 January 2014 · 431 views
help, question, code
I see a lot of people asking for help with their code. And in some posts I wonder if they actually searched for the answer.

I don't ask for help with my code unless I really need it. It helps me to learn. I think I come to this site too often as it is when I should be working on something. Yes, it is convenient that we can come here and get help from so...

Artificial Intelligence Ideas

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 10 January 2014 · 371 views
ai, artificial, intelligence and 1 more...
So, I have been looking at a lecture course on itunes U called "CPSC 689- Introduction to AI Robotics," by Texas A&M University.

Why? Well, i was trying to get a little more info on how artificial intelligence is done by the actually smart people to apply it to my mission to program the 5 senses. I just got an idea for how to proceed from the 3rd vid...

Programming the 5 Senses (entry)

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 10 January 2014 · 422 views
sense, program, ai, artificial and 1 more...
This is a re-post from a thread I started. I am posting it here and will update from the journal:


I need some feedback on something I call a Senses System . Someone said that the way I am doing it is wrong, so I need some suggestions on how to do it right. This is how it works:

The senses s...

This is my programming Grammar.

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 10 January 2014 · 300 views
parts, speech, grammar

The english language has many words. Each word has a designated part of speech. When these words are combined in special ways, you get a sentence.

I want to share a standard I have for translating these parts of speech into a programming language so that your code will be more readable.

I am using Lua.

Parts of Speech

A noun is...