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Games are good social pastime.

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 17 January 2014 · 565 views

game social interaction
I had a eureka!

So, a friend and I were bored, and we were wondering what we could do together to not be bored. We could have talked, or we could have watched a movie, or we could have listened to music etc. But we wanted to have fun without having to go out somewhere and spend money.

Well, we played a game!

Games are a good social pastime. And I think this was the purpose of games, to create a social interaction between people without having to use conversation or physical activities like sports. My friend didn't have any video games or anything, so we couldn't do that. Maybe we should have bought some cards or something? You real don't need video games.

Now I understand the purpose of games. They shouldn't be addictions like many people play them (slaving away hours on end on COD or some other game). They are just another type of social pastime (alongside many others) that one can use to interact with other people.

I think it is healthy to take advantage of all forms of social interaction. A lot of people think they are social because they have Facebook friends, but in real life they don't know how to socialize. People are tough behind the tv screen through the mic of their xbox, but in real life they can be a coward.

So go outside, play a sport, go to a library, watch a movie, have a conversation with a live person, go observe nature, etc. Playing games all day is not healthy, but is mainly one type of social pastime.

There are so many others.

ramble finished.

Yes they are

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