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Gonna try out Mind Mapping

Posted by Tutorial Doctor, 30 January 2014 · 393 views

mind mapping idea sketch outline
So, I had been browsing a good app to help me make an outline, couldn't find one. Passed over a few mind mapping apps, but they looked like high school projects I had to do.

Fast forward a few months, and I am literally making a mind map to record my ideas, but not considering that I am using what I thought was useless to do it.

So I sorta re-discovered mind maps without knowing it. haha. Strange.

But I think that mind maps represent the way our mind works, although I see some ways that mind maps can be improved. For ideas on how it can be improved (needs a better standard) I found this post here:


I agree that mind maps can't replace a linear outline for some things, but a merger of the two sounds good. It would be a way to organize sporadic thoughts into an organized outline. Sounds like a good algorithm to work on, no?

Edit: Just found a cool app that sorta does this called Idea Sketch on the iPad.