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Another Unity Prototype: MazeWar

Posted by ferrous, 07 April 2014 · 532 views

Another Unity Prototype:  MazeWar
So this is a remake of an old Atari game: http://joshv.itburns.net/MazeWar.html

The basic ruleset is you can have only shot out at a time, hitting a wall causes it to explode shortly thereafter, sending shrapnel in the cardinal directions it wasn't shot from. If a projectile hits a projectile, it causes a backsplash.

Still has a few things to do, player/player collision is borked, for example. I should add difficulty, number of zombies, scoring and if I really want to go nuts, I'd add multiplayer of some sort. I should probably try adding mouse controls, and maybe do some actual AI, the current zombie is really simple (doesn't even really do pathfinding, though I don't believe the original game had all that much either, it mostly speed up their move speed.

The original game, by Mark Price is here: