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Added multiplayer to mazewar

Posted by ferrous, 21 April 2014 · 597 views

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So I added multiplayer, the UI is the default garbage Unity GUI, but it works and its easy, so it'll do for now as a quick placeholder to get to the new stuff. I also have a slider for the number of bots. I'm particularly happy that it supports dynamic joins, updating the map destruction for new players.

Now the downsides:
1. Colors are not synchronized over games (I should do a hardcoded list of good color and distinctive colors, or pass a seed, was lazy, it's just random values)
2. It's damned hard to find yourself in a 8+ player game, I should add some sort of effect, even just a light.
3. The AI gets confused when it gets too close to other AI. (actually a collision/movement issue)
4. I don't handle disconnect messages
5. Or have a way to restart a game
6. Or have a way to set the port (just a matter of adding the UI)
7. Or have a way to name yourself (or chat).
8. I don't have a win condition.

I need to test the synchronicity and smoothness, as it's client/server, but I only have the players instantiated as network objects, and even they don't pass info, except to the server. I probably need to do some smoothing, I think.

Okay, I have updated it some more, I have added a special effect that shows where the active player spawns (specific to the instance of the game)  I also changed the control scheme slightly to make for better play.


I tweaked the AI a little, but need to do more.  I want to create a few different personalities, rather than the one singleminded brute I have right now.

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