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Slow progress 3

Posted by polyfrag, 15 February 2014 · 641 views

Work is taking place beneath the surface, adding variables for buildings and units.

There's now 3 times as many buildings as in the previous version of the game/sim, and almost twice as many resource types. So there's going to have be a lot of balancing to get the simulation to run stable for long periods of time.

This version isn't trying to be a game so much, leaning more towards exploring economic subjects, which was my interest in the first.

I've learned about optimizing pathfinding and can probably handle something like 100x more units/farther calculations now. Though I haven't implemented it yet, I just didn't realize there were such optimizations before.

Resource deposits:

Posted Image

Now 8 countries (and there will be 5 companies per country):

So far there's USA, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, EU, Japan, India, and Russia. I selected countries based on currencies, not the other way round, so that's why there's no Japan and China, because both their currencies are called yen.

Posted Image

Something from a related project:

This is how big buttons should be for theiphone retina screen.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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