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Posted by polyfrag, 10 May 2014 · 385 views

Iphone sales aren't going so well. Might focus more on Steam.

Here's some tech I'm playing around with.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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It's only been two weeks since you decided to switch your strategy to "pumping out cheap iPhone games"...


Apart from a few random statistical outliers that get extremely lucky almost no-one starts generating sales and making much money in that amount of time; I think you're probably giving up too quickly to know if your attempt was successful or not.

I've only made $3 on it, compared to the 50 or so sales on first day on my first app. 

What do you suggest I do? Keep trying to make games every week?

You could look into lean startup. It combines development and marketing in one approach.

It is a little frightening for developers, because you must not work on the product if you do not meet certain marketing related goals.

You might have to change your development strategy and marketing approach when you would usually add features.


The principles make sure you test your assumptions, get customer feedback that matters (from actions) and that you work with the right metrics (is the growth motor actually okay vs. vanity metrics).


Of course there are also many people who oppose the principles, so see for yourself:


Thanks, looks interesting.

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