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Work Session 2014 May 19 - factory, thoughts

Posted by polyfrag, 21 May 2014 · 553 views

- factory model

Yes, it's crappier. I'm not too happy with the amount of feedback I'm getting here and other places, making me kind of depressed and not think it's worth it to put a lot of effort into it. Also, going to have to high-tail it if I want to finish it by end of summer.

I'm thinking it might be a sign, from people who have a better outlook on my situation than me, me being in the thick of it and not being able to see the forest for the trees, that I might be wasting my time on this. I was getting better feedback elsewhere on the Battle Computer project and it was actually encouraging, but I'm not as motivated in the game concept.

The factory is out of scale with the game scale.

If you are a modeller or know a modeller or know how to find a modeller, who can and is willing to help with this project, please drop me a line.

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Journal comments are at a very low rate here these days, don't take it personally. I'm finding exactly the same. Journal-land was more active back in the day when you had to pay for premium to get a journal. When they made them free, we went through a phase of 10 "Hi. I'm new and this is my journal" for every project dev and I guess people drifted away.


Seems to have settled down now so hopefully things will get back to how it used to be.


Your project is coming along well. The shadows are looking good - are you using CSM for such large areas?

I didn't know it had such a history.


No, I just adjust the zoom on the light camera whenever I zoom in or out, which can result in patches of darkness in areas outside of the light frustum when zoomed in especially close and viewing the terrain more horizontally than verticall.y

Hmm, yeah, I'm considering strategies for this myself at the moment. Got shadows working great in a small area but not really sure how I'm going to approach widening this out. Guess CSM is the proven solution but sounds fiddly to implement to me.


Still, so does everything until you've done it :)

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