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Ugly prototype phase

Posted by polyfrag, 08 June 2014 · 889 views

Wednesday June 4 2014

Tempted to switch projects again.

Thursday June 5 2014

Today I learned how to set up windows and OpenGL in SDL2 and GLEW. I got my RTS rendering everything under SDL2. Just have to get input events now.

Maybe what I really love is making maps. Maybe I'll make some Counter-Strike maps. Maybe I'll make a Counter-Strike mod.

How construction management UI should work in RTS:
Have a maximum estimated transport cost that the player would be willing to pay for, and that would include the estimate of the truck transport and any overseas transport. How to assign it for each resource needed to be transported though, and what if one kind of resource is being obtained from more than one supplier?

I'm having trouble deciding what would be the best gameplay. Here's my strategy. I'll just do what I think is best and playtest it with people until its good.

Friday June 6 2014

Updated construction manager UI:

Posted Image

I'm thinking of how to make the game moddable - through Objective-Script or exposing the game source to load libraries?

For now, I just need to make an ugly prototype in these three months. Then I will playtest with other people and polish based on their opinions.

3:00 AM Saturday June 7 2014

Improved text and starting on construction manager.

Posted Image

Saturday June 7 2014

More work on the construction manager

9:56 PM Saturday June 7 2014

Got some ideas to make the game more player-centric and social:

- allow voice chat like in Counter-Strike
- use FreeType to allow text chat in any language
- show other players' current selection in color-coded bands
- show other players' camera frustums/views outline/coverage painted on map
- allow spectating or spying on other players, duplicating the view that another player has with all the GUI windows and mouse
- or even better, combine the two previous items into one - drawing some kind of representation of the player hovering in the air, like a businessman, camera, or brain, and projecting the player's GUI into the 3D space of the game world, so all players see each others' open windows and cursors
- report player action notifications in chat window, like price and wage changes

I was thinking whether it would be better to allow DLL/C/C++ modding, or in the compiled scripting language Objective-Script.

Pros of DLL's:
- allow any fundamental change to the way the game works, like adding governments, taxes, banks, stocks and different currencies in the future
- fast execution, less lag
- reusing my C/C++ code to make GUIs

Cons of DLL's:
- require modders to also release equivalent libraries for linux and mac, or else make their mods incompatible with certain systems
- potential for viruses and harmful embedded code, users would have to test mods at their own risk

Pros of Objective-Script:
- faster than other scripting languages because it's compiled
- safe, no malicious code possible

Cons of Objective-Script:
- learning a slightly different syntax
- recoding the composite widgets in script, takes more time
- maps with scripts might have to have read/write functions to store the game state when saving/loading game sessions

Added construction manager buttons

Posted Image

2:05 AM Sunday June 8 2014

Representation of other players in multiplayer

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

If you keep switching projects you'll never finish anything non-trivial. You seem to be making some good progress, why would you think about throwing it away?

I like the multiplayer visual. It is very funny.

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