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Much faster now

Posted by polyfrag, 06 July 2014 · 733 views

I've not given up on 3D. The game now runs at 300-500 FPS here thanks to:

- getting rid of several hundred units
- getting rid of shadows and bump mapping
- using VBO
- frustum culling everything
- simplifying the unit models

Maybe now I can do something useful on the gameplay.

I also had an idea. This type of game might be particularly suited for AI-assisted play and hacking. It would take a complicated GUI to offer the right control over what transport contractor to use, and I'm using text-based console interface so that I can work on the gameplay sooner. And there'd be no cheating players could do if they got their hands on the source code that I can think of. So I want to encourage players to develop their own AI to play for them if they so wish, and in doing so help contribute to the game's AI. I'm thinking mods might be better done by giving people access to the source code and allowing them to modify a mod specifier so that all mods can coexist in the same metaverse. Maps/scenarios are probably better suited to a scripting language, because it might be too much of a security risk to run native code each time you try a new map.

I've forked the isometric project to corpstatesd. It might be useful for mobile and older platforms.

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Player developed AI? I can see some positive notes, but it would require a decent sized group to "police" it.

Police what? Players are allowed to take any advantage they can think of, except breaking the net protocol, as long as they're just sending user commands.


I'm hoping that by making it well-maintained and demonstrating what intriguing things the unique economics engine is capable of, to attract open source developers. Maybe some people from the Spring or 0 AD camp. Also, lots of attention on Steam Greenlight.

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