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New tech

Posted by polyfrag, 18 August 2014 · 443 views

I finally got it running at real-time speeds.

Now it's possible to do lots of things. Like a "breakout"-type game. Or making underground bunkers, digging coal, building destruction, etc. Imagine "Cortex Command" but in 3D.

Make caves even with something like this. Congratz.

Cool stuff.  Are you worried about the complexity of the mesh after it gets chunks torn out several times?  It looks like the poly count is increasing pretty rapidly.

Yeah, that might be a problem. I use BSP brushes, so every time there's a crater taken out, the brush gets split into smaller convex polyhedra. Each side has a polygon. A possible optimization might be to keep track of divisions within a brush and not mesh the hidden, internal brush sides.

Is there a way to cap the polygons created each time and the total number for a section of material?

No, there's no choice involved. Maybe you can choose to remove some sides of a polyhedron if there's more than, say, 10. But I don't know how to decide which side will result in the least volume expansion.

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