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First entry

Posted by h0wser, 20 January 2014 · 729 views

I guess this is like the first commit of a new project. Where you create your perfect directory and a nice little README detailing the project and listing ideas... The difference being there are no projects to set up or build systems to configure..

So anyway, the reason I created an account here and a journal is because I want to become more active in communicating with other developers and designers. I currently only have one friend who I work and discuss with. Gamedev.net seems like a good place to do this.


There are a lot of good people here. You have come to a great place.

Welcome! =)

Welcome to GDNet! :)

I guess Navyman is right! Lots of welcoming people here, great to see

Welcome! Sounds like you work on linux?

Welcome! Sounds like you work on linux?

I actually want to make the switch to linux, currently run a dual boot with arch and win7. Haven't done any real development on linux though. If anyone has any tips I'll gladly listen :)

Arch is a good distro from what I hear. I work exclusively on linux these days (mainly on gentoo and ubuntu) so I would be happy to answer any questions that you have. The main thing I would suggest is to make sure to get familiar with pacman (since you are using arch) and try to avoid installing packages that are not in pacman. This will make maintaining your system... tricky. Also, arch has really good documentation so if you have any problems you should be able to get decent help from the arch wiki, forums, or IRC.

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