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Roguelike delayed

Posted by coremarq, 29 June 2014 · 461 views

roguelike 2d sfml c++ rpg adventure
Oh work, work work work. Time has been flying, it's been almost 3 weeks, and honestly I haven't had time to work on the project. I picked up a ton of hours at work trying to bring in some extra cash :). What little time I have I've been devoting to the family. Another downer was loosing my secondary monitor, thank god it wasn't my main. Gonna save up for a new main screen now, I want something with a bigger resolution. along with that much needed system upgrade. Think it's been since 09 when I built this rig.

I'm probably gonna put roguelike on hold till the end of the summer season here. Not sure if I'll even have time to focus and work on a smaller project. If I do I'm gonna make an even simpler of my turn based strategy game conquest. The same project I started, but turned into the first roguelike project. Imagine a simple version of risk meets total war and civilization

It takes place on a 8x8 sized grid, that represents the world. The goal is to control the whole world. Each of 4 players, starts with just a couple nodes. They can attack from nodes they own and take control of other nodes. Each node can be constructed upon by a single structure; town, castle, farm, mine, etc.

Each turn is split into different phases; attack phase, move phase, build phase, train phase... Only one action can be performed per node each turn.

Probably just gonna be an idea till I can get back to roguelike 2....

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