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The Beginning

Posted by cedifra, 24 March 2014 · 273 views

Humble beginnings

I am in love with games! It started with the Commodore 64 and never since have I stopped getting excited when reading about interesting game releases. (By the way: I want to slip this one in early: I am not a native English speaker, so please forgive some of my silly mistakes.) The first game I programmed was a text-adventure for my sisters birthday. It was as horrible as the title: "FBI". It was saved on a floppy disk and the cover was created with word. I used some cool clip-art and added some questions-marks to symbolize the great mysteries that would await my sister. Anyway... I did not start this blog to write about the past. So let's skip the rest and move straight to the point. Just a few jumps over projects in my teenage days from Turbo Pascal and Delphi to C++ and DirectX. Nothing spectacular really! I hope this is about to change.

I am stressed

Lately I felt stressed. Almost all the time! And really, most of my games simply did not get me to the point of relaxation where I wanted to be... or were too boring. Since programming gets me into a weird zone, I started to get back into it. The plan? To create a relaxing, soothing, but challenging game. Something that focuses on story and includes puzzle-like game mechanics. Well not really a puzzle. Just something one has to solve by approaching it as a puzzle. So here it goes...

...meet this guy...

Attached Image

A dreamy world

The story is centered around a 9 year old boy who finds himself trapped in his dreams. The only way he can wake up is by successfully crossing parts of a dreamy city in the skies without being caught. By whom? Well, let me leave some for later blog entries. In this world, you cannot control the boy yourself. You can only control the boys robot toy, which is brought to live in his dreams. The robot follows the mouse cursor and we can overlook the whole "map". Our task consists of planing the boys escape. Where to walk? Where to pause? Can we manipulate the world before hand? We then draw the escape plan with a marker and attach little clocks (5 seconds wait, 3 seconds wait, etc.) to the way-points. When the right moment has come we can see how the scenario plays out. Now this is not all. But I wont get too much into detailed plans. There are two main story lines that will later merge into one... I have a music compose to create new music for each "level" and finally I will get some real graphics... (So far I am using my own little placeholders.... and I hate it)


I am still right at the beginning of this project. So far I got my graphic engine running. The game editor is very close to being finished and I can design the maps in-game. Currently I am working on the "preparation and planning" mechanics of the game (Drawing the route, etc.) while waiting for some animations and tile graphics so that I can design a test level. It is currently running at 1000 FPS on my gaming system. 300 FPS on my laptop and I will make sure to keep it as efficient as possible. I actually do not want to show any screenshots, because it looks horrible. You know how it is until you get some proper designed characters and objects. But here its goes:

Unspectacular first look at what is supposed to become a dreamy world:

Attached Image

A snippet of some random code:

Attached Image

Random Album Image

Slooooowly getting closer

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