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The start

Posted by Gooey, 29 April 2014 · 368 views

A couple of weeks ago i decided to give making a game a go so armed with a bit of c++ and opengl knowledge off i set on my adventure. I have decided to make a 2d platform game a bit like flicky as i thought i should be able to make it fairly easily. This seemed a good idea because alot of what i have read it seems completing a game is something that is not often accomplished by most. I decided on it being a kangaroo which is escaping a zoo having to rescue all the joeys before getting caught/killed.

After a week messing about with ideas i decided to start coding it made a basic test level so i could check collision detection with walls and what not. This is where its started becoming a headache the wall collision i got done in a couple of hours and all was good until i then decided to push straight onto the going out of the left side of the screen onto the right! This was a massive stumbling block that smashed home the message of clean and easy to read code is gooood. So back to the drawing board on the collision detection code but a lesson learnt. Another day on i decided to rewrite the code this time alot clearer. Couple of days later i decided to take another stab at getting my model to come through the sides and what a nightmare still! I got it mostly working in a few hours but then spent three days working out how to get the model to always be on screen. Now with that done i have set myself a week to get my joeys to display and follow me when "active" and hopefully get the enemy to display too. Two weeks in and i can understand why so many fail to complete a game as even after a good weekend away from the game i found it hard to find the motivation to get back to it!

So that is how my start to game development has gone and i hope to manage to get where many don't ... Completion

Welcome! Sounds like you're doing well - you just need to persist through the difficulties and you'll have a completed game (and a whole lot of new knowledge for future projects!) in no time! :)
Thank you it has been a steep learning curve so far. Iv only ever made small test demo up till now to see if i could get certain ideas to work. What i have found difficult is putting it all together and keeping it readable!

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