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Week 2 The Start

Posted by Gooey, 07 May 2014 · 318 views

So this week I started a new job so haven't quite got all i wanted sorted out. I have the Joeys in my game now following me but still not exactally right i need to work out a way of getting them to follow me properly.
Well by properly i mean they need to follow each other as they are following my exact movements from the move before instead of the joey infront of them. The good thing is this only took three rewrites of their movement code so yay. No enemy displayed but did start on my level editor so i haven't got to type in all the walls manually. Hopefully in the upcoming week i shall sort out the movement issue and get the enemy to display and chase me. Then maybe next week i can start thinking about texturing it so it is not just green and red blocks! The learning curve is still steep and sometimes wish i had started with everyones favourite pong or maybe tetris. Atleast i am still making progress i suppose.

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