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Giallanon's Journal

Resources handling - part 2

Posted by Giallanon, 11 June 2014 · 386 views

To recap from previous post:
1) There's a central hub that I call ResourceHub (resHub) that acts as the main interface from the app to the resources.
2) You can add to the hub many ResFamily (like shape family, image family, shader family and so on)
3) Every family can have many ResProvider which are used to load and to "specialize" a resource


Resources handling - part 1

Posted by Giallanon, 23 May 2014 · 410 views

During the years, I've developed many resources handling systems; none of them have survived.
At first, every new systems looked like the right one, the smartest ever.
After a few weeks of real use, they all had shown their weakness.
So, for the new engine, I wrote a brand new resources handling system.
First, what is a resource? To me, a resource is some...


Posted by Giallanon, 21 May 2014 · 377 views

So, welcome to this journal.
My idea is to blog progress about the new incarnation of my own 3d engine.
I'm developing 3d engines since 2000 or so, not for living, not for hobby.
Well, it all started as an hobby project, but in the last 10 years I managed to "employ" my own engine in at least one or two real (read: paid) applications every year, so it's n...

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