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Source code released

Posted by newtechnology, 19 July 2014 · 668 views

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I never actually never planned to release the source code of this project because I thought I was going to finish the game actually. I created this project mainly for learning purpose and I thought I would make an awesome cool game just in my first try. But, now I realize that I am not going to make anything playable in my first try. I think this is the end of this old project and I would go for another project which would be much better than the previous one. Of course I would not code it from entirely scratch because the source code I released has some basic things which are already done (I started the old project entirely from scratch and not everything is mine. Some codes and techniques are from the book 'Introduction to 3D Game Programming using DirectX11' and, other stuff or help I got when I was stuck was from GameDev.net). I would just need to improve the management system and the base code would be actually ripped from my old project. Right now, I am learning networking and sound in Unity and I am going to spend some time with Unity before I start my new project. Coming to the point of source code, I'd say it is the best resource for you if you're stuck some where. It includes
  • 3D Model (animated and static) loading and rendering from popular 40+ formats using Assimp (I'd like to thank Scot Lee for his animation controller and GameDev.net for a great help.)
  • Shadow Mapping (Dynamic shadow map in debug mode to adjust the direction of light, static in release mode.) .. See More.
PS: Please feel free to give suggestions/improvement on source code. I'm still not that professional and this was my first real game project.

Added shaders to repository.

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