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Posted by newtechnology, 27 July 2014 · 939 views

Well, I was willing to put a donation button but PayPal does not want me to do this because Indians are not allowed to use donation button in PayPal.
I am at the moment in need of money because I want to register as a developer on Play Store. I am starting with android game development and I want to see if what I am making would be liked by other people. My first android game may would be a side scrolling game. If the game becomes popular, then I would keep on updating and adding new things to it but if not, then I would try something new. The problem is my account balance of PayPal is 17.05$. So, I cannot register as an developer on Play Store and therefore I need your help. If you appreciate my hard work, then please send some funds to my PayPal account : mw2player008@hotmail.com

Thank you for reading this.

I would like to thank Lassi Alve for his contribution. (Let me know if you don't want your name here).
My PayPal balance is now 17.05$ and I am few steps away from my goal of 25$ (Android developer registration fees is 25$). So, please donate if you would like to. I don't really want more $$ than really needed and I will update the amount as soon as I reach the goal of 25$.

Other information (about upcoming tutorials and such) on my blog - http://newtechengine.blogspot.com

I think that if you added one to your blog and explained more you would have a higher likelihood of receiving funds.

Thanks you for your reply and suggestion. I already have a page named 'Donation' in my blog. If you were talking about my journal's blog, then I will see if I can add it. Also, I will explain more as you said.
Only 8$ away from the goal! Please donate :)

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