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Street Run

Posted by newtechnology, 08 August 2014 · 376 views

I realized I was aiming for big projects which were out of my capabilities. I thought I would at least make one decent FPS. But I failed unfortunately. I think I should first make small games like this one and then I should move to such projects.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


This is the game I am currently making. It is an endless running game where you have to collect food to increase your time and score. The video does not represent the final product because more things needs to be added which I will add later.

You have to run and collect pizza and pie and your score and time will increase and of course you have to avoid obstacles (i.e oilcans) because they reduce your time and score. You can see your score in the score tab of the menu. This video only shows the prototype and more things need to be added which I'll add later.

Current Known Bugs:
  • Menu background sound stops playing when switching from main menu into other tab (credits, score etc.)
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What platform is this running on?

Screenshots and video are from desktop version for the sake of high quality images. The desktop version is currently not available but will be released soon.

Very nice!

New update will include multiple levels and will fix some bugs.

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