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Pre-Alpha : Worlds and Maps

Posted by sck8000, 04 July 2014 · 229 views

kingdom dawn
Pre-Alpha : Worlds and Maps So it begins. My first entry here regarding the development of my currently bare-bones title "Kingdom Dawn". It's a zelda-esque adventure RPG with plenty of places to explore, enemies to find, dungeons to crawl and bosses to beat... At least that's the plan.

Most recently I've re-coded my rudimentary physics engine, which uses separately calculated character movement and externally applied force. This means I can safely control an entity's basic movement speed while also throwing elements such as knockback, or being pushed.

So currently I have a basic editor for quick testing of things, and a haphazardly thrown-together map system which forms a world map out of stitched-together smaller screens, or areas... And this is what I'm hoping to work on improving next. While the current system works fine, it's not too easy to change or add to, since I have to manually find the world's data file and change names or coordinates in notepad if I want to add new areas.

Also currently my map system lacks a lot of other things, such as unique names for each map section, background music assigned to different locations, or even tile-sets... All these things I will hopefully be adding over the weekend, as I rewrite my map-making scripts and streamline a lot of things. More news soon! :D

Welcome to the journals!



Love those types of games, looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :)

Welcome to the journals!


Thanks! I've been floating around on game dev forums and sites for quite a while, but never really gotten involved much XD Mostly I just keep to myself.




Love those types of games, looking forward to seeing what you come up with! smile.png


Awesome! It's early days yet, but I'm hoping to get players more involved with development as things progress. One of my favourite things about indie game development is involving fans in the process :) When done right, it creates a happy and loyal fan-base that can add a great deal to a game.


Currently all the map info can be edited with a plain text editor, but eventually I'll have a fully integrated editor that I'll be using to make the game world, and hopefully let players contribute too. So far you can just place a few objects, and more recently, tiles. Once better map stuff is sorted out, I'll be focusing on making the editor a little more user-friendly.

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