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Editor Overhaul

Posted by sck8000, 07 July 2014 · 242 views

kingdom dawn
Editor Overhaul So I've had a busy and productive last couple of days! I've been doing a lot of solid work rewriting and rebuilding the map editor, and it now not only works on a more efficient and flexible system, but it also allows placement of tiles, and objects with certain modifiers attached. Modifier values will have different effects, but could range from changing the style of a wall section to determining the contents of a chest, or even the type of enemy that spawns. There's a lot of flexibility there!

Also, individual map screens can be imported and exported, while keeping all the other map areas intact. Scrolling around on the global map automatically saves and loads areas each time you switch, allowing you to quite naturally build around a particular path or direction of travel throughout the overworld.

All in all, there have been a lot of major improvements!

The editor isn't quite finished yet however, as there are a few smaller things to be tweaked and added before I'm happy with it. But with the core editor almost completely operational, I can then move on to adding all kinds of other bits and pieces for use in puzzles and combat.

Next update will hopefully include switches, doors, other obstacles and hazards, as well as implementing a health system! If I have time I might begin integrating the special items which will be a crucial part of reaching new areas and defeating certain enemies. More on that next time! Posted Image

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